Refund Policy for Online Counseling

If you are not satisfied with our Online Counseling service, you may contact us within 7 (seven) days from the payment date and we will provide a full refund of your Online Counseling fee.

You may file a refund claim only when all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. You have completed your registration process for Online Counseling.
  2. You have not received the 1st draft of your shortlisted school within 7 (seven) days of completing your registration.
  3. You have not been assigned an editor for your essays.

A cancellation acknowledgement will be sent within 3 (three) working days and fees refunded within 10 (ten) working days, subject, however, to this Refund Policy.

Refunds, where eligible, are typically issued via the same instrument, which was used to make the payment (so the refund will go to your card or bank for an online payment). However, we are sometimes unable to do this and, in that event, may offer you a cheque, bank transfer, cash, or credit coupon, at our sole discretion.

Please note that our Online Counseling team is ready to provide you with timely and efficient counseling assistance. We will attempt to find the best convenient solution to address your concerns. Give us 12-24 hours to get back to you on the concerns you raised below.

Initiate Refund Process

Have you completed your registration process and submitted supporting academic and work experience documents?

Have you had any interaction with your counselor over chat, phone or email?

Has your counselor been helpful in your profile review and school shortlisting?

How do you rate quality of your school shortlisting discussion by your counselor?

Have you had any interaction with your editor over chat, phone or email?

Has your editor been helpful in reviewing your essays and giving feedback?

How do you rate quality of feedback on your essay by your editor?

12 + 4 =