9 Great Reasons to Study in Singapore

Top Reasons to Choose Singapore

Singapore is a top international education destination. It is preferred by students because:


  • The medium of instruction and the official language of education in Singapore is English. About 75% of the country’s population can speak English. Hence, international students studying in Singapore feel at home.
  • Tuition fees in Singapore are lower compared to other popular destinations.
  • Degrees from reputed institutes of Singapore are globally recognized.
  • Singapore is arguably the cleanest and safest country in the world. It is also the greenest city in Asia.
  • Singapore is the business hub of Asia, where regional Headquarters of almost all multinationals are based.
  • Singapore is very well connected with the rest of the world by air, making it very easy for international students to commute conveniently and economically.
  • The Singaporean government takes a very tough stand on racism.
  • Students who perform well academically, are able to find work opportunities in Singapore quite easily.
  • There are some institutions in Singapore that offer courses in collaboration with recognized American and Australian institutions.